Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about me. As I express myself to you, open your mind & imagination to a new experience you have yet encountered. I find great joy in delivering a pleasant surprise to each & every individual whom crosses my path. I believe in spiritual uprising threw sensual, erotic retreats. I have a gift, and it excites me to share that gift with my clients. Although erotic fantasies, no matter how simple or down right naughty, are my forte I also have a more practical side to me. I absolutely love exploring new dinning experiences. Food is one of my favorite things in life. My ideal night would be a candlelight dinner by the beach with exotic yet mouth watering foods that dance on my taste buds,  a nice glass of pink bubbly Moscato, soft yet mood changing music. I have always wanted to travel the globe, I imagine myself in Italy back to my roots. Seems like a beautiful place, from their I hope to see many tropical islands. I have always felt like a paradise awaits me. Anyway, My favorite color would definitely be purple, Swear no matter what it is PURPLE makes it better... Take marijuanna for example :) Being that I am from The Bay Area (California) I love herb. Would say aproxminently I smoke about 1 zip in two - three days. Lol I love to blaze. My free time normally consists of either manicure pedicure, Shopping,  Reading, Working out. ( well atleast I try to workout ) Recently I started playing video games. Ps4 I what I currently own, Assassin's Creed Black Flag is one of my favorite games to play currently.  New to the gaming scene, but I must admit it's pretty fun.  What girl doesn't like nice things? My favorite designers currently are Gucci, Coach, Prada, LV, Juicy Couture and several others. . Really I am just an open minded free spiritd woman who enjoys life & all it has to offer. 

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